Mirover is the newest and one of the smallest planes of existence, consisting of one sun, one planet, and no stars or moons. On the planet itself, there is only one continent. There are two mountain ranges, the Brechens and the Fractioned Mountains, the former of which contain the nation Njonct and, in its northern reaches, the goliath clan and the scattered remaining dragonborn communities.

Mirover has seven countries: Ticorba (a mostly mercantile, seafaring country around the gulf called the Mouth of Mirover), Njonct (an interconnected, opportunistic country cobbled together of many independent cities), LeIta (an elvish monarchy), Jecretio (an oppressive elven “democracy” fraught with racism), Ounn (the “Lake Sister,” blatant puppeteer of Eevic and more sly puppeteer of Norpon), Eevic (the “Plain Sister,” agrarian country and supplies Ounn its food and composes its military), and Norpon (a tiny gnomish country struggling to gain proper independence/respect).

Races of Mirover include: Humans, tieflings, dwarves, elves (drow, woodland, and high), halflings, gnomes, dragonborn, aarakocra, goliath, and orcs.

Other important physical aspects include:

-the Wilds: composes the middle, untamed parts of Mirover, where large orcish clans roam, primarily west of the Fractioned Mountains; wild aarakocra typically live east of the Fractioned Mountains.

-Dóchas: the floating city the Norpen gnomes are currently constructing as a way to create a land purely theirs. There is a dispute with Ticorba over this city, as Ticorba claims it owns the ocean and thus the city, which has caused a conflict with gnomish pirates sailing to Ticorba and sabotaging merchant ships. Currently, Ticorba has not made an official attack on Dóchas in retaliation.

-Lake Rema & River Alles: River Alles is the longest river in Mirover. It composes part of the border between Jecretio, the Wilds, and Eevic. It also ends in Lake Rema, the largest lake on Mirover and around which Ounn is situated.

-Goliath Peak: in the northern most mountains, high in the peninsula, is the tallest mountain in the world. Hidden in this mountain, currently deactivated, is the conduit of Mirover.


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