Gilford Bonwitt

Halfling, Anna's uncle, 23


Location: with Percy, en route to Diavulga

Personality: friendly, nice, cordial, caring, vulnerable, and easily hurt. Gil falls in love quickly, makes friends quickly, and is often gullible. He realizes this and tries to work against it, but he is so overwhelmed, especially with recent events, that he often forgets about trying to make progress on that front.

Family: His mother was Anamaria Bonwitt and his father was Benny Bonwitt. The Bonwitts are renowned for their good natures and infallible sense of generosity and kindness, a mold which Gil’s niece, Anna, breaks.


Gil grew up in a good life. The North End of Aqar may not be the most glamorous of locations, but his family was always so very warm and so very accommodating that he honestly did not notice that other people were richer than him — his life always felt fulfilled, and he felt safe in the knowledge he would one day inherit the North End Inn and his parents’ kind legacy.

When the Fireweeds attacked when he was seventeen, destroyed a good bit of the North End (which became nicknamed the Swamp), and killed his parents and his uncle and aunt (Anna’s parents), Gil spiraled into depression. He was almost an adult in society’s eyes, but in reality his emotional and mental maturity had languished due to his tranquil, easy life. Now dealing with running the inn, trying to keep Anna out of trouble — something he eventually, guiltily gave up on — and both trying to keep his parents’ legacy and push through the shock of their deaths . . . It’s only been the last year or so that he’s truly gotten his feet under himself, and even now he is relatively naive. Two close family friends of the Bonwitts, Jen and Dorian McConell, helped both Anna and Gil get through this rough period of their lives.

In the current campaign, Jen directed Minerva, Alana, and Tom to take shelter in the North End Inn. Gil welcomed them and quickly became infatuated with Minerva, who gifted with three metal figurines over time, a fox, a butterfly, and a giraffe. As the party shifted with the Marquis, Fane’s visits, Liam living with Lir and Dama in the basement, etc, and then eventually Minerva leaving, Gil happily harbored them all. When the pirates attacked Aqar, Walt Vimbright came to the North End after his building had been destroyed and gave Gil a slip of paper. Later, the guard came and took Gil, Liam, Lir, Dama, and the Marquis’ dead body to the main plaza. Later, Percy would rescue him and the others and escape down the big trade tunnel to Diavulga.

Currently, Gil is under the impression Anna is dead and is quite emotionally distraught over it.

Gilford Bonwitt

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